About Kari 


In 2004, I began a quest to discover “What is happiness?” I had a well-established corporate career in Canada and, even though I was well accomplished in the eyes of society, I felt quite miserable. I was perpetually stressed and anxious and didn’t know who I was or what I wanted. I began to wash my pain away with wine at night and relied on coffee during the day to keep me going. I knew I had to change my path before I became ill, so I decided to go away on a quest of self-discovery and live in New Zealand.

With these intentions in mind, the universe delivered me the right people at the right time. In New Zealand, I was introduced to kinesiology, and it literally changed my life. After a few sessions, I dared to leave my old life and create the life I really wanted. I also took a theta healing course and discovered my passion for helping people heal themselves of disempowering belief systems. I then decided to move to Byron Bay, Australia to pursue my interests in the healing arts and began studying to become a qualified kinesiologist at Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

I feel so blessed to be able to support people on their journey towards living a life of optimal health and making dreams become a reality. I am amazed at how quickly the results come, due to being able to pinpoint the cause with muscle testing. It is an incredibly powerful tool to access the subconscious and save years of chasing your story around in circles with a counsellor or psychologist.

Are you ready to get started on your journey of transformation?

I’ve also travelled extensively across different continents experiencing & learning about different indigenous traditions and healing modalities.  I have worked with many masters & teachers and feels a real honour to be able to bridge westerners with the wisdom of indigenous shamans & elders.

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Please call 0415379757 to book an appointment at my clinic space in Byron Bay, NSW.  I am also available for home visits.

Kinesiology Session Costs:  Initial consult $150 (approx 90 minutes), follow ups $120

Advanced Life Coaching with Kinesiology:  $800 (5 x 90 minute sessions with materials included) See more info:  https://karibarron.com/advanced-life-coaching

Plant Spirit Medicine Preparation & Integration Program:  $400 (2 x 90 minute sessions).  See more info: https://karibarron.com/plant-spirit-medicine

Member of the AKA – Health fund rebates available.

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Here’s a detailed map to find my clinic space easily in Byron Bay:

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“After domestic violence and abuse I developed severe PTSD and brain dysfunction. For more than 3 years I’ve been reclusive, scared, easily triggered and have struggled to process information. I’ve had four sessions of kinesiology with Kari and already my brain function is incredibly different. I’m feeling stronger, safer, embodied, coordinated and far more capable. Kari has a comprehensive skill set and pure intention. I highly recommend her to anyone dealing with trauma.”

– Forever Grateful, Byron Bay


“Kari works in a new field of kinesiology known as energetic kinesiology. This seemed to be the key to unravelling and fixing my reoccurring pain in my left hip. I was impressed! Especially after being to so many practitioners over many years for the same problem. I would recommend her to anyone who has an ongoing health problem. She could hold the key for you to be pain free and balanced on all levels”

– Jane Buchanan, Byron Bay


“I have had really fantastic results from several sessions with Kari – finally shifting long standing and deep seated issues and fears. I have seen a few kinesologists in the past but I’m really amazed at how effective, accurate and powerful this particular form of kinesiology is, and when combined with Kari as the practitioner – the results are quite incredible!  I cannot recommend Kari highly enough!”

– Hester Bushell, Byron Bay


“I’m really glad I followed my intuition to have a kinesiology session with Kari. I don’t often go to healers, but I seem to be guided to them at just the right time. I was suprised at just how many issues Kari addressed in our single session, and helped me to unravel the reasons behind imbalances and clear them instantly. I felt so clear afterwards, more in my power and able to make decisions more easily. I love how Kari effortlessly integrates wisdom from different lineages into the session. She’s a really talented healer and I am grateful that I have her as one of my top self care experts to go to.”

– Belinda Matwali, Sunshine Coast