What is Kinesiology? 

Kinesiology is a natural, holistic, alternative therapy that integrates Western anatomy and physiology with Eastern energetic healing arts. It is gentle, non-invasive and highly effective as it supports and enhances growth and change in all areas of your life.Nutritional Biochemical

Using a simple muscle testing technique, we are able to find imbalances or blocks in your body’s energy systems – be it structural / physical, bio-chemical / nutritional, emotional, energetic or even spiritual. The same process is used to identify techniques that will restore the body back to its original state, which are often quite simple.

Kinesiology is a wonderful way to understand, process, and clear stresses and barriers that are preventing you from attaining the life you really want. It supports and empowers you to manifest your authentic desires & reconnect back to your divine purpose.

A Kinesiology balance acts very quickly and often requires relatively few consultations to receive lasting benefit. It stimulates the body to activate its own self-healing power to balance a wide range of conditions:

  • Pain, injuries & postural issues
  • Stress, anxiety, phobias & depression
  • Immune system & vitality
  • Reproductive and women’s health
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Sleep disorders & bed-wetting
  • Toxicity & heavy metals
  • Learning difficulties
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Poor digestion & gut issues
  • Organ & gland dysfunction
  • Addictions & behavioural issues
  • Emotional & relationship problems
  • Concentration & memory
  • Direction & life purpose
  • And so much more!