What is LEAP?  

LEAP “Life Enhancement Acupressure Protocols” is an amazing tool which focuses on addressing neurological imbalances which affect brain integration.

Do you have any learning challenges?  Do you experience problems with language & math skills, performance, focus & attention, social skills, communication, relationships, motivation, creativity, self esteem, confidence, PTSD or anxiety?  LEAP could be your answer!

Please note: Learning problems are not limited to school children – if you have problems in any area of your life that you are not able to resolve – this is a Learning problem.

LEAP is a non-invasive, individualized program that combines western and eastern ideas and techniques to re-synchronize brain neurology giving an individual access to their full potential and ability.


Life Enhancement Acupressure Protocols (LEAP), was developed by Dr Charles T. Krebs in collaboration with clinical psychologists, speech pathologists, neurologists and other health professionals. LEAP is a comprehensive approach to assessing and correcting most learning challenges including dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and many difficulties with reading, spelling and mathematics. LEAP is taught at colleges and universities in Australia and Europe and many practitioners around the world currently use the LEAP program in their practice.

Neurological conditions involving imbalances in brain function and can affect learning. LEAP addresses these imbalances by re-establishing and maintaining the precise synchrony of the brain.

LEAP is a program that enhances brain function, learning and all areas of performance. The foundation of all high level performance and learning is integrated brain function because the brain is a multi-modular structure “bound” together functionally by synchronized timing of neural activity. Performance of any mental activity can be considered the “symphony of thought”. The output of each brain module must be precisely “timed” to prevent the harmony of mental function from turning into a dysfunctional state. Loss of integrated brain function literally equals loss of effective emotional and mental processing, the primary source of “stress” in our lives.

The purpose of LEAP Brain Integration is to re-establish the synchronised timing of brain activity to bring function back “on-line” in areas where it may have become lost due to stress, or was never properly established in the first place. The loss of Brain Integration and thus function may only be situational, causing difficulty and stress performing certain functions in certain situations or circumstances (ex. stage fright) or it may be on-going as in the case of Specific Learning Difficulties.

LEAP restores brain integration by re-synchronizing important neural flows. Acupressure techniques that employ the Law of Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been shown to be very effective in re-synchronizing neural flows, and re-establishing brain functional integration.

Far too many of us, adults and children alike, experience cognitive deficiencies that are a direct result of the loss of proper brain integration. LEAP techniques have helped tens of thousands of individuals to overcome these challenges.

Here is some feedback received from the parent of a 7 year old girl I treated with LEAP recently:

Thank you, Kari, for giving my daughter a better chance to succeed in life. She struggled in her first two years of education, having a hard time learning to read. We took all the extra help we could from her school. Still, she struggled the same. We thought maybe she is dyslexic but could not test her for another two years. Then you came along telling me about LEAP. I had to try this for my girl. At the start of the session, you pinpointed that she had been switching both logic and creative information, therefore taking extra steps to process information. After one session she was changed! She has no trouble thinking out math equations, can sound out words and string them together easily. There have been other noticeable changes as well, her confidence and personality have blossomed. This type of treatment is profound!” – Jenna Close – NB, Canada

And also some feedback from a client that suffered from intense society anxiety:

“I have noticed a huge difference in my social anxiety. I am just not panicked any more when I have to talk to people. It is remarkable. Thank you!”  Deanne, Byron Bay