Amazonian Plant Medicine

Preparation & Intergration Program

Another one of my passions in life is that of the healing power of nature & the traditional medicine people of the world.  During my travels and on my own healing journey,  I was truly blessed to come across the ancient healing practice of Amazonian shamanism.

The level of healing & transformation that comes from these traditions is nothing short of amazing.  For a decade I worked with Amazonian healers from the Shipibo tribe & their master plants – 6 of those years, organizing retreats and bringing groups into the Amazon to work with these powerful and remarkable medicines & shamans.

Although life has pulled me into a different direction with kinesiology and a decision to put my Peru Tours on hold for a while, I will still be offering my services to guide you along the journey!

If you decide you’d like to go to Peru for a deep immersion (dieta) with the grandmother medicine, I highly recommend going to work with Maestro Ricardo Amaringo at Nihue Rao.  I worked with Ricardo for 10 years and he is highly skilled and has a great reputation – just do some research on Nihue Rao and you’ll find nothing but great reviews.

If you’d like to have some preparation for this work & help with integration, please consider signing up for my “Preparation & Integration Program”.  It will include 1 session before you go & 1 session when you return, either via skype or in person if you’re in the Byron Bay area.

The sessions will include everything that I would normally teach in the workshops during my retreats, except in a more condensed & personalized version:

  • Address a variety of core issues that plant medicine can heal and help you to align your energy & intentions to move towards your highest & most authentic self.
  • Give you tools to help navigate the plant medicine experience in a safe way, while maximizing the learning and spiritual transformation it can provide.
  • Provide skills to assist your journey through different dimensions of reality.
  • Teach consciousness tools and explore ways to deal with & shift challenging experiences and uncover the gifts they often hide.
  • Help you recognize emotional ties, unconscious beliefs & ancestral contracts that are no longer serving you.
  • Give support with integration and provide some important tools to enable you to bring your insights & experiences into your life “back home”.
  • Learn background information about plant spirit medicine and the art of Amazonian shamanism.

The cost of this package will be $400 which includes 2 skype sessions (approx 90 minutes each) with a summary of notes you can bring with you to Peru as a reminder.

I will answer any of your questions about travel in Peru in general, to make your planning easier and can also give you some of my other recommendations, particularly about the sacred valley (my other favorite magical paradise besides Byron Bay).

Just as a little side note, my kinesiology sessions are also great for integrating this work – I find it helps smoothe out the re-patterning that takes place within your cells and deal with the changes in your relationships and the life you create.