Shamanic Offerings

New Moon Sacred Drum CircleClick here for more info

12605530_10156394057760335_3273258459453342713_oWe meet once a month on a new moon to magnify our intentions thru prayer and song.

New moons are a great time for manifestation, intention setting and getting clear on what it is we want in our life.

The sacred drum represents the heartbeat of the people and the Earth Mother.  Drumming is perhaps the oldest form of active meditation known to humanity.


Plant Medicine Preparation & Integration Program (for a Deep Immersion in Peru):  Click here for more info

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Kinesiology sessions are great to help prepare you for the potent upgrades that can come from these master teachers.  Integration is also a key element and very important.  If you’re feeling a little stuck and not in the flow after a medicine journey – kinesiology muscle testing can be used to pinpoint & release the blockages preventing the “new you” from embodying.