Vicki Liddell

“I was diagnosed with a stage 3 prolapse of my bladder and my uterus and told by a specialist that it wouldn’t improve, though we could stop it declining to a stage 4 with exercise. I had been doing these for a year with not too much improvement. My cranio therapist had said she could feel the muscles i was using to strengthen weren’t operating at their full potential. I decided to come and see Kari. I left the session and within three weeks my pelvic floor were working very powerfully,. I could feel an amazing difference. I went to my cranio for a session and asked her if she could check my muscles and see what she felt. She was absolutely amazed and asked me what i had done. They were so strong. I then went back to my Gynecologist and she confirmed my prolapse was now at a stage one. This was the stage at which most women who have given birth were at. Kari’s is my number one go to person when i have any issues. Her work is amazing and she is a true medicine woman through and through”