“Thank you, Kari, for giving my daughter a better chance to succeed in life. She struggled in her first two years of education, having a hard time learning to read. We took all the extra help we could from her school. Still, she struggled the same. We thought maybe she is dyslexic but could not test her for another two years. Then you came along telling me about LEAP. I had to try this for my girl. At the start of the session, you pinpointed that she had been switching both logic and creative information, therefore taking extra steps to process information. After one session she was changed! She has no trouble thinking out math equations, can sound out words and string them together easily. There have been other noticeable changes as well, her confidence and personality have blossomed. This type of treatment is profound!”

Jenna Close

“Thank you for helping me find joy again!   I feel more present in the moment than I have for a long time.  I also find a lot of beauty in the details of nature now. I believe I was meant to find you during my time at Byron. Thank you opening this part of me, beauty in the world is truly finding happiness within and it’s sad so many of us don’t get to experience this on a daily basis!


I don’t think words are enough to thank Kari.  Especially from people who suffer ptsd and trauma…one session and the shift is real!  Seriously don’t waste your money on other forms of help like I did over the years.  Get to the source of the issue and deal with head on…it’s absolutely life changing can’t recommend it highly enough


“My daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD and has been struggling with learning difficulties, mood swings and meltdowns. After just one session with Kari, my daughter has dramatically improved in her comprehension of mathematical concepts and enthusiasm for reading. I am completely astounded by her dramatic turnaround. She is now excited about school, eager to organize herself in the mornings and has become generally more happy! There is something wonderfully magical about Kari’s special talents and deep wisdom when dealing with the human soul. I can’t recommend Kari enough!”

Bernadette, Goldcoast

Thank you so much for the help you have given me and the change it has made to my life. When I first came to see you I was suffering from stress, anxiety, and felt quite depressed. I felt tired all the time and was constantly getting sick. Within a week of seeing you I noticed a dramatic shift in how I felt. I felt calmer, emotionally lighter and much more relaxed. My sleep patterns improved and I began to notice I wasn’t exhausted at the end of a days work. My depression lifted and overall I just felt in a much better place. Thank you so much. I don’t know how kinesiology works but it has definitely helped me.I was actually sceptical before I came but because I had heard such great things about you I decided to give it a go. I am so grateful I did.

Kath Allen

“After domestic violence and abuse I developed severe PTSD and brain dysfunction. For more than 3 years I’ve been reclusive, scared, easily triggered and have struggled to process information. I’ve had four sessions of kinesiology with Kari and already my brain function is incredibly different. I’m feeling stronger, safer, embodied, coordinated and far more capable. Kari has a comprehensive skill set and pure intention. I highly recommend her to anyone dealing with trauma.”

Forever Grateful

“I have had really fantastic results from several sessions with Kari – finally shifting long standing and deep seated issues and fears. I have seen a few kinesologists in the past but I’m really amazed at how effective, accurate and powerful this particular form of kinesiology is, and when combined with Kari as the practitioner – the results are quite incredible! I cannot recommend Kari highly enough!”

Hester Bushell

“I have noticed a huge difference in my social anxiety. I am just not panicked any more when I have to talk to people. Kari’s work is remarkable. Thank you!”

Deanne Grant

“I’m really glad I followed my intuition to have a kinesiology session with Kari. I don’t often go to healers, but I seem to be guided to them at just the right time. I was suprised at just how many issues Kari addressed in our single session, and helped me to unravel the reasons behind imbalances and clear them instantly. I felt so clear afterwards, more in my power and able to make decisions more easily. I love how Kari effortlessly integrates wisdom from different lineages into the session. She’s a really talented healer and I am grateful that I have her as one of my top self care experts to go to.”

Belinda Matwali

“I recently booked in to see Kari after attending one of her informative kinesiology workshops. I wanted to address a couple issues and received so much more. Kari has a brilliant energy about her that makes you feel super comfortable, safe and in the right hands. I feel absolutely amazing now, I have felt so much shift on many levels. Let the manifestations begin”

Tania Featherstone

“I highly recommend Kari’s work. A very effective, professional and knowledgeable practitioner, with a big heart too”

Glyn Thomas

“I met Kari by chance at Starlight Festival and as they say everything happens for a reason as I rang and booked in for a treatment and it has been one of the best things I have done. I have had 3 sessions now and feel like a new person. Highly recommend!”

Lauren Venn

“I was diagnosed with a stage 3 prolapse of my bladder and my uterus and told by a specialist that it wouldn’t improve, though we could stop it declining to a stage 4 with exercise. I had been doing these for a year with not too much improvement. My cranio therapist had said she could feel the muscles i was using to strengthen weren’t operating at their full potential. I decided to come and see Kari. I left the session and within three weeks my pelvic floor were working very powerfully,. I could feel an amazing difference. I went to my cranio for a session and asked her if she could check my muscles and see what she felt. She was absolutely amazed and asked me what i had done. They were so strong. I then went back to my Gynecologist and she confirmed my prolapse was now at a stage one. This was the stage at which most women who have given birth were at. Kari’s is my number one go to person when i have any issues. Her work is amazing and she is a true medicine woman through and through”

Vicki Liddell

Kinesiology is an amazing therapy and Kari is an amazing practitioner. The things that she discovered and helped me resolve in just a few sessions of have made profound lasting shift in my way of being.  Thank you so much!

Amanda Hartree

“Kari works in a new field of kinesiology known as energetic kinesiology. This seemed to be the key to unravelling and fixing my reoccurring pain in my left hip.  I was impressed! Especially after being to so many practitioners over many years for the same problem. I would recommend her to anyone who has an ongoing health problem. She could hold the key for you to be pain free and balanced on all levels”

Jane Buchanan

“I can happily recommend Kari as I have experienced how she excels in this field . With a warm , intuitive insight and a grounded knowledge of kinesiology she has discovered and helped release health issues masked to others.  This is a fascinating and powerful realm and kari has certainly found her calling there.”

Julian Moore

“I received a kinesiology session from Kari recently, I found her session deeply, thorough, balancing neurologically , emotionally , physically and my body… I felt fantastic after session, I’ve experienced Kinesiology myself for years, I truly recommend Kari’s sessions!!”

Naomi Gobits

“For my first kinesiology treatment ever, I am very impressed with the outcomes that Kari has been able to assist me with. I have had some very noticeable shifts and attunement around some long term issues which has come as welcome relief to me. I would not hesitate to enlist Kari’s healing services again in the future as the need arises.”

Jay Bryan